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Top five tips to make contacts successfully
If you have a strong professional network, it will work as a door of career opportunities for you. Here are a few tips for you to network with success.

Socialise with the known
Get to know the people who are around you. To start a conversation with your classmate, introduce yourself to him/her first. To meet more people, rotate your seat. You must also socialise with people at your hostel/library.
Join a club
Get yourself enrolled in a college club/community of your preference. In this way, you will be able to meet people of similar background & tastes. Moreover, your leadership, as well as your organisational skills, will get enhanced.
Participate in college events
Keep an eye on the notice board to learn about the upcoming events & seminars. You will be able to meet potential employers during college activities. Feel free to walk up to people, introduce yourself, & exchange contact details.
Reach out to your seniors
Connect with your institution’s alumni over professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. Talk to them regarding the challenges you are facing & get practice career advice. Also, update yourself on the latest industry trends.
Interact with the professors
Your professors have several industry connections. Interact with your teachers to know about the networking events taking place around the campus. Find out about the internship & job opportunities from them.

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