Top Reasons to choose Foriegn Country for Education

Is studing abroad is a wise decision to make?

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Deciding to pursue your studies abroad? It is a big step to take. Many prospective students are confused about what will be the benefits of leaving motherland.
The world of global education leads to a confusing maze of options & requirements. At Global Counsellor, we serve as a one-stop solution for all your international study needs. We pave the way for your personal & professional growth by helping you make a well-informed career decision.

For us, you come first

With our thoroughly methodological approach and close affiliations with a diverse network of universities, we enable you to navigate the maze of global education effortlessly. During the entire pre and post-admission process, our qualified resources guide you every step of the way.

Approachable experts

Deciding to study abroad leads to a huge transition. Therefore, it is natural for you to feel confused & scared. Our expert counsellors hand-hold you throughout this study abroad journey. With a smile on their faces, they go the extra mile & share their wisdom with you.

Career support

carrer support
Through mentoring, our counsellors enable you to access the best colleges and universities all over the world and to build the future of your dreams. With our guidance, the decision makers/guardians feel equipped to make informed, well-researched decisions to secure your future.

Help with IELTS

ielts help
If you want to be proficient in English, we can help you with that as well. Take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test with us. More than 6000 institutions around the world recognise the IELTS test

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Free Counselling

Proficient and experienced, our counsellors help students identify their professional goals. Because of that, our students can make well-informed academic decisions.


Be it attestations or translations - we help students legalise and authenticate the documents required to complete the admission procedure with ease.

Loan Assistance

Our loan assistance cell enables students to avail education loans from authentic financial institutions that are associated with the coveted institutions/universities.
inward travel

Inward Travel Guidance

With our assistance, students travel in a foreign country without any worries. Moreover, we provide airport pick up and drop off services to our students.


Finding a home away from home is an expensive and time-consuming affair. University hostel or private accommodation, we help students take their pick.

Passport Assistance

During the passport application process, our team constantly supports and guides the students. The admission letter provided by us facilitates the students to secure their passports immediately.
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